AAGNAustralian Antarctic Geodetic Network (tectonic plate monitoring)
AAGNAustralian Antibiotic Guidelines Nomogram (aminoglycoside concentrations)
AAGNAfro-America GLOSS (Global Sea Level Observing System) News (marine science publication)
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to develop an aging agenda for Michigan for minority ethnic groups, with a focus on special issues facing older African American adults--that is, making sure that the aims of AAGN are met on a statewide basis
For example, AAGN has served as an information clearinghouse to gather statistics and information about African American older adults as a means of challenging current spending policies and funding allocations for members of this group.
AAGN also began to serve as a forum in which researchers and practitioners could establish a dialogue regarding their work.
Therefore, the mission established for AAGN includes reducing feelings of alienation by increasing networking opportunities for African American vendors.
The objectives of AAGN are to work toward improving the quality of life of older African Americans by fostering the development of an infrastructure providing access to services from the public and private sectors in eight areas of service: (1) security and safety, (2) housing, (3) health care, (4) food preparation and shopping assistance, (5) social services, (6) business services, (7) government services and funding sources, and (8) the private sector (See Table 1.
The Executive Board of AAGN consists of a president, a vice president, two secretaries, and a treasurer (Figure 1).
The committee structure of AAGN is composed of the Program Committee, the Vendors Committee, the Academic Committee, the Agency Committee, the Legislative advocacy Committee, and the Health Committee.
The Legislative Advocacy Committee examines policies and legislation affecting older African Americans and AAGN members and recommends a plan of action.
AAGN members represent a wide array of organizations (Table 2).
Thus far, guest speakers at AAGN meetings have represented the U.
In conjunction with the State of Michigan Office on Services to the Aging, AAGN sponsored a reception at a Community-Based Care Conference (September 6-8, 1995) in Troy, MI.
In a second major accomplishment, AAGN drew on the existing knowledge and resources of its members to help the Detroit-based Area Agency on Aging (DAAA) compete for and obtain an Empowerment Zone grant.