AAHEAmerican Association for Health Education
AAHEAmerican Association for Higher Education
AAHEAmerican Association of Housing Educators
AAHEArlington Association of Home Educators (Arlington, TX)
AAHEAmerican Alliance for Health Education (Reston, VA)
AAHEAiken Area Home Educators (Aiken, SC)
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VPR: pressure-regulated gas at -125[degrees]F is directed to an AAHE with 10[degrees]F thermal approach, where the gas is warmed to -5[degrees]F.
The review process should enable institutions of higher education, AAHE, and SOPHE to make a qualitative assessment of the programs.
Remington announced an exclusive offering of the Parker AAHE 28-gauge side-by-side sporting gun in the fall of 2005 and began accepting limited orders for the gun.
Baldwin, the board's vice chair for programs, says that once it became clear that AAHE would fold, the formation of a new group was inevitable.
1 The AAHE Board chose not to accept the suggestion of adopting the SOPHE Code on behalf of the profession because they realized that the membership of AAHE needed to be more completely involved in discussing and formulating a Code of Ethics before the AAHE Board could adequately represent the interests and needs of AAHE members in collaborative work on ethics with other professional societies.
Gilbert, Director, Technology Projects at AAHE, "Making the Most of a Slow Revolution", Change March/April 1996, pp.
They are giving students the knowledge and skills needed to adopt and maintain healthy behaviors," said Katherine Wilbur, former President of AAHE and Chairperson of the Blue Apple Health Education Awards program and National Health Education Manager for the Alliance for a Healthier Generation.
AAHE will also host the three-part triathlon series comprising the Snowdonia Slateman (Llanberis, May 19), the Anglesey Sandman (Newborough, September 22) and the Snowman Triathlon (Capel Curig, October 6).
The caucus has met twice since AAHE disbanded, and actually considered going the same independent route a few years ago.
These revised "standards" and "key elements" originally were published in the "2001 Guidelines for AAHE/NCATE Review of Initial-Level Programs for Health Education Teacher Preparation" (American Association for Health Education [AAHE], 2001), and AAHE is still considered by NCATE to be the Specialized Professional Association (SPA) for health education.
As one of the largest professional organizations for health educators, AAHE membership represents a wide cross-section employed in healthcare, community and public agencies, businesses, schools (Pre-K-12th) and institutions of higher education (AAHE, 2003).
April 1-4, 2004 * AAHE Annual Learning to Change Conference * San Diego, CA * Contact: 202/293-6440; Fax: 202/293-0073; e-mail: info@aahe.