AAHGABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep (Dutch: Algemene Bank Nederland-Amsterdam Roterdam Bank Mortgage Group)
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With great passion and a very active portfolio in the entertainment industry, AAHG operates innovative and ground-breaking projects in the UAE.
Fresh from the Hollywood premiere of Marvel and Disney's Avengers: Age of Ultron in Los Angeles, AAHG chief executive officer Mohammed Khammas spoke to Khaleej Times about being the first global company ever to unveil a collectible at the red carpet, and the recent launch of its new subsidiary, Al Ahli Publishing and Distribution.
AAHG also had a presence at Comic Con earlier this year, with its Comicave store operating one of the largest booths at the event.
Mohammed Khammas, the CEO of AAHG, said the agreement is a "win-win situation".
Over the last four decades, AAHG has been involved in business activities ranging from real estate to turnkey construction, engineering and infrastructure and retail.
AAHG is planning enhanced facilities that range from condensed corporate clubs to full wet-clubs with swimming pools, hydro-therapy, sauna, steam and more that reflect the continuing commitment of Gold's to expand its global presence in every region of the globe.
AAHG is one of sixteen multi-territorial Master Licensee's and the largest in the Gold's global family.
Earlier last year, AAHG announced another first in the Middle East: a Filipino-themed restaurant called Little Manila.
AAHG, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate founded by Nasser Khammas 40 years ago, has interests in construction, real estate, lifestyle and entertainment, as well as retail.
We will also be launching limited edition of signed copies of this comic book series for our fans shortly," said Abdullah Mahmoud, Director, Marketing and Corporate Communication, at AAHG.
AAHG has a broad portfolio of activities, including the management of the publishing rights for many intellectual properties.
Oveson said the impact of the Done-AAHG partnership will be felt first in the Far East, as AAHG will be holding a first-of-its-kind Asia Pop Comic Con event in Manila this year.