AAHGABN AMRO Hypotheken Groep (Dutch: Algemene Bank Nederland-Amsterdam Roterdam Bank Mortgage Group)
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A ceremony to mark the launch of the program was held at the French Embassy in Abu Dhabi in the presence of His Excellency Ludovic Pouille, the French Ambassador to the UAE and representatives from Union National Bank and AAHG CSR Division.
AAHG has direct links to Hollywood through its investment in Marvel ten years ago.
Fresh from the Hollywood premiere of Marvel and Disney's Avengers: Age of Ultron in Los Angeles, AAHG chief executive officer Mohammed Khammas spoke to Khaleej Times about being the first global company ever to unveil a collectible at the red carpet, and the recent launch of its new subsidiary, Al Ahli Publishing and Distribution.
Mohammed Khammas, the CEO of AAHG, said the agreement is a "win-win situation".
On the AAHG, the anteriorly projecting AIN branches split to form an irregular network of fibers on the serosal surface; branches then penetrate the longitudinal ridges (Fig.
This partnership is expected to translate to 20 Binalot branches in the Middle East over the next five years, and may extend to the European market should AAHG decide to expand the brand outside the Middle East.
Earlier last year, AAHG announced another first in the Middle East: a Filipino-themed restaurant called Little Manila.
AAHG, a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate founded by Nasser Khammas 40 years ago, has interests in construction, real estate, lifestyle and entertainment, as well as retail.
Mohammed Khammas, chief executive officer of AAHG, said in a briefing Thursday that his company was highly bullish on the prospects of its businesses in the Philippines.
Calling for an initial 26 gyms to be built in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain, the agreement provides AAHG with the opportunity to expand the Gold's Gym footprint with an additional 62 gyms in key areas spanning from South Africa to Morocco and from Cyprus to Jordan and beyond bringing their total to over 88 facilities.
Our fans in the region have been asking for updates on the launch of Ms Marvel and there has been a higher anticipation amongst our Arabic readers," said Zuheir Ayoubi, General Manager, Retail and Licensing, at AAHG.
According to Casanova, AAHG is hoping to seal its first contract for the Clark Green City within the first quarter this year.