AAHIVMAmerican Academy of HIV Medicine
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The AAHIVM appears to be the only organization currently offering a credentialing exam in HIV expertise, a test derided by some critics as too easy because it's taken at home.
Charles Farthing, chief of medicine for the AIDS Healthcare Foundation and chair of AAHIVM's curriculum committee, acknowledged that test takers "could look up the answers, but very often the question is one of judgment," not just information.
Hitt added that the AAHIVM will be checking a sample of applications to make sure the CME is truly HIV related.
While the HIVMA argues for a "higher standard" in credentialing HIV specialists, the alternative definition it offered California officials for immediate use entailed less rigorous requirements than those proposed by the AAHIVM. (See box.)
These allied health professionals can participate in the AAHIVM's free credentialing process, which "is supposed to get more people into HIV medicine, not limit the pool."
The International Association of Physicians in AIDS Care (IAPAC) also objected to the AAHIVM definition of HIV specialists out of concern that the requirements are inadequate, JAPAC President Jose M.
With California soon to lead the way, however, some consensus is building to use AAHIVM's definition of an HIV specialist for the time being in the United States, according to Dr.
Since the AAHIVM started credentialing HIV specialists a year ago, 900 of 1,100 applicants obtained a credential, out of a total of maybe 2,000 total HIV experts in the country, Dr.
* Complete one of the following: board certification or recertification in infectious diseases during the current year; 30 hr/yr of HIV-related CME; or 15 hr/yr of HIV-related CME plus passage of the AAHIVM's HIV Medicine Credentialing Exam (a take-home exam scored by the AAHIVM).