AAHIVMAmerican Academy of HIV Medicine
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Addressing the need for the HIV specialist: the AAHIVM perspective.
The AAHIVM appears to be the only organization currently offering a credentialing exam in HIV expertise, a test derided by some critics as too easy because it's taken at home.
In addition to providing information on screening patients and counseling, the app also includes access to the AAHIVM ReferalLink Database, an essential tool for all clinicians.
AAHIVM, HIVMA, and IDSA (the Infectious Diseases Society of America) wrote a joint letter to Mark McClellan of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, urging it to waive "certain Medicare and Medicaid requirements to allow providers in affected areas to care for patients free front the many conditions of participation in these federal programs.
We needed to engage with the HIV medical and scientific community while minimizing the use of email and traditional mail as sole tools of communication," said Rob Banaszak, director of communications at AAHIVM.
Maintain current and valid MD, DO, PA or NP state licensure -- Clinically manage at least 20 HIV patients in the past two years -- Demonstrate continuous professional development in one of three ways - Successfully complete the Infectious Diseases Board certification or maintenance of certification / re-certification for the current year (MDs and Dos); or - Complete annually at least 30 hours of HIV-related CME Category 1 credits (continuing education for NPs); or - Complete annually at least 15 hours of HIV-related CME Category 1 credits (continuing education for NPs) and pass the HIV Medicine Credentialing Exam, scored by the AAHIVM and weighted to emphasize the most recent educational objectives
Mary van den Berg-Wolf, MD, FACP, AAHIVS, and chair of the AAHIVM Pennsylvania steering committee.
Early treatment equals prevention," said Mary van den Berg-Wolf, MD, FACP, AAHIVS, chair of the AAHIVM Pennsylvania steering committee.
AAHIVM presents this tool for providers who want to screen for HIV more routinely, but need ideas on how to help newly diagnosed HIV positive individuals have access to the care they need.
The American Academy of HIV Medicine is an independent organization of AAHIVM HIV Specialists(TM) and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing excellence in HIV/AIDS care.
This is the first AAHIVM survey to capture perceptions of both HIV-positive patients and HIV-treating physicians about HIV drug resistance.
Presented for the second time ever by AAHIVM, the "Distinguished Service Award" was presented also to Michelle Roland, M.