AAHKAirport Authority Hong Kong
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We applaud AAHKs drive to establish HKIA as a preferred hub for handling.
AAHK attributed the increase in operating expenses in fiscal year 2012-2013 to inflationary pressures, strong traffic growth and the additional three-runway system consultancy and other related expenses incurred during the year.
Upon receipt of the Study Brief, AAHK and its consultants are expected to begin conducting a series of comprehensive studies designed to assess potential environmental impacts and launch a series of stakeholder engagement activities to solicit public views.
At passenger terminals, AAHK, police, airport security staff, airlines and ground handling agents jointly activated their crowd management contingency plans to provide assistance to passengers, updates on the latest typhoon situation and flight information, airline hotlines, public transportation condition were also provided.
The independent report also showed that 80% of respondents agree or strongly agree that AAHK should make a decision urgently on Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)'s future expansion plans.
SSRC is expected to submit a report to AAHK, based on its findings, in October 2011.
Under the agreement's terms, AAHK will work with its new Chinese partner to plan a logistics park.
com and at the office of the AAHK at HKIA Tower, where a viewing session will be between 09:30 and 17:00 every Monday to Friday except public holidays.
However, in close consultation with the AAHK and the Civil Aviation Department, Leighton was able to re-design the layout.
AAHK is using the blueprint to solicit stakeholder and public feedback on the future development direction of the airport.
At Kai Tak, the Civil Aviation Department entered most of the information, but at HKIA this is the responsibility of a number of parties,' explained Donna Mongan from the AAHK.
Although the AAHK argues different figures (see main story), the overall cost for taking a fully-laden B-747 - combining landing, parking and terminal building charges - at HKIA is 60% more expensive than at Kai Tak, claims Tyler.