AAHLAustralian Animal Health Laboratory
AAHLAtlanta Amateur Hockey League (est. 1974; Roswell, GA)
AAHLAll American Hockey League
AAHLAmerican Alliance for Honest Labeling
AAHLAlliance for the Advancement of Heritage Languages
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CEPS will partially finance the acquisition of AAHL through a GBP800,000 third-party loan, the company said in its statement.
In November 2012, CSIRO AAHL in conjunction with Pfizer, released the EquivaceHeV vaccine--a vaccine researchers hope will stop the transmission of the virus from horse to people provided horse owners vaccinate their animals.
We also thank Jean Payne and Jenni Harper from the AAHL histology laboratory for assistance with processing abalone samples for histological examination.
AAHL Membership and its benefits, for example, access to research data, funding requests for new projects, and clinical trial watch lists.
As chairman of AAHL, Weatherby will be responsible for the management of Ascot and will head the board, which also comprises Charles Barnett (chief executive), Mark Davies (trustee), the Duke of Devonshire (trustee), Justin Dowley (non-executive director), Janet Walker (commercial and finance director) and Ronnie Wilkie (operations director).
While Dean Foods is certainly not the only company in violation, it provides a glaring example of blatant noncompliance with current Customs law requiring country of origin labeling on frozen imported produce," thundered Joel Joseph, chairman of the Made in the USA Foundation, the AAHL member that fried the complaint.
Keith Murray, head of the AAHL and a member of the team that isolated EMV, contacted CDC to learn how to conduct surveillance for the rabieslike virus and how to protect people from being exposed to it.
Wiv been hearin aahl this clatter aboot not caahlin wimmin sweetheart, love, darlin, or pet.
All testing will be done within the secure biocontainment facilities at CSIRO's AAHL.
The system, funded by Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry--Australia, will better equip AAHL to deal with the high throughput of samples required for disease surveillance, enabling about 5000 sera to be tested per eight-hour shift.