AAHPAmerican Association of Health Plans
AAHPAmerican Academy of Health Physics
AAHPAssociation of Allied Health Professionals (est. 1975; Canada)
AAHPArkansas Association of Health-System Pharmacists
AAHPAlabama Association of Health Plans
AAHPAdvogados Associados Hamilton Pereira (Portuguese; Brazlian law firm)
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"We have a responsibility to produce products of the highest quality so that consumers and families across the United States and the world receive the full health benefits of homeopathy without safety risks or questionable reliability," said AAHP president Mark Land.
'Ideally, it should be regular, weekly,' said Gretchen Amodian, nurse of AAHP, about the need for scheduled health checkups of women and their children.
"For instance, if the FTC concludes that terms such as 'remedy' or 'natural' are inherently deceptive, regulators could require homeopathic manufacturers to eliminate these words from our labeling and marketing materials," the AAHP comments on its website.
A guest blog by Greg Simon, chairman of AAHP, posted at WoodworkingNetwork.com on Aug.
* Ignagni told AAHP member plans that a new storm of bad publicity was coming.
"This is clear evidence that the process of stabilizing-and ultimately enhancing--Medicare choices is well underway," said Karen Ignagni, president and CEO of AAHP HIAA.
Mohit Ghose, the director of public affairs for the American Association of Health Plans (AAHP), rejects the research PNHP uses to build its single-payer proposal, arguing that it mixes administrative apples and oranges.
Some insurance companies have covered FluMist since the beginning of influenza season; others are re-evaluating their policies and are covering FluMist at least for this year, Susan Pisano of the American Association of Health Plans (AAHP) said in an interview.
NA 1100 First Ave., Suite 100 King of Prussia, PA 19406 FOR MORE INFO, SELECT # 314 OTHER PLAN CHARACTERISTICS Referral by Meets (AAHP) primary disclosure physician to NAME & ADDRESS standards specialist required CorVel Corp.
(146.) See Stephanie Kanwit, General Counsel of the American Association of Health Plans, Remarks at the Acadamey of Health Services Research and Health Policy Annual Meeting, Roundtable Session: "Beyond the Patients' Bill of Rights: The Law & Politics of Managed Care" (June 25, 2002) (explaining that AAHP endorses federally mandated independent review) (audiotapes on file with Academy of Health Services Research and Health Policy).
In terms of the claims that can be made on products, Andy Bormeth, president, American Association of Homeopathic Pharmacists (AAHP), commented on the types of claims that are allowed for homeopathic medicines.
The American Association of Health Plans (AAHP), which filed an amicus brief in support of Rush, argued that state independent review laws defeat ERISA's goal of bringing uniformity to administration of health plans.