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AAHPMAmerican Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine (est. 1988; Glenview, IL)
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Further, AAHPM's guide urges that PDMPs "should maintain a health care focus," reiterating the principle mentioned above that PDMPs should not serve as a law enforcement tool because when they do, both health care providers as well as patients "may fear excessive or punitive scrutiny." (163) The AAHPM stresses that PDMPs "should exist chiefly as a tool for improving patient care and safety," which can be achieved by "requiring external oversight and approval of law enforcement requests to access PDMP data" and by "providing options for law enforcement access that protect the confidentiality of patients' sensitive information." (164)
Rodgers, of the AAHPM, said he understands the concerns of groups like the National Right to Life Committee.
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