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AAHSAir Academy High School (Colorado Springs, CO)
AAHSAmerican Aviation Historical Society
AAHSAmerican Association for Hand Surgery
AAHSAromatic Acid: H+ Symporter
AAHSAltoona Area High School (Altoona, PA)
AAHSAmericans against Human Suffering
AAHSAmericans against Horse Slaughter
AAHSAssociate of Arts in Human Services (degree)
AAHSAmerican Association of Horsemanship Safety
AAHSArizona Archaeological and Historical Society (University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona)
AAHSAthens Area High School (Pennsylvania)
AAHSAmbridge Area High School (Pennsylvania)
AAHSAmerican Association of Hospitality Services
AAHSApplied, Abductive, Heuristic Synchronicity
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The base client sample consists of all persons who received AAHS residential services during a four-month period (June to September, 1991), and had a history of residing in the vicinity of Athens, Georgia.
BALANCE SHEET IMPROVEMENT EXPECTED: With its major capital projects complete, AAHS plans to rebuild its cash reserves.
I got more cheers than oohs and aahs when I missed a putt.
AAHS has a dominant 63% market share in this solid service area.
Judging by the ooohs and aahs from the thousands who watched the display on Barry Island, it certainly lived up to expectations.
There were also plenty of oohs and aahs when fans spotted her new pounds 4,000 engagement ring.
He shut out the oohs and aahs from the crowd tuned into the quarter-final at Wembley to become only the third man to score a century on a Lord's debut.
The AAHS is now headquartered in New York City and governed by a Board of Trustees who oversees the stringent nomination and selection processes of the Five-Star Diamond Award.
First and foremost is the PEBL cell phone, which, judging from the oohs and aahs the test model got at the office, might be the next sexy, must-have phone raiding the pockets and belt clips of aspiring techies everywhere.
0% and greater than AAHS control or saline placebo) are fever, nausea, dizziness; and injection-site pain, swelling, erythema, pruritus, and bruising.
A new television camera provided stunning visuals of the fuel tank separation, drawing oohs and aahs from the Rocketdyne crowd.