AAHSLAssociation of Academic Health Sciences Libraries
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MLA and AAHSL have a critical role to play on this issue, and SPARC welcomes their active participation.
A web-based survey with nine questions was distributed to members of the AAHSL Directors email discussion list through SurveyMonkey.
We also asked if AAHSL members saw a need for a full-time scholarly communications librarian based on their answers to previous questions.
Form a joint committee between AAHSL and the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Council of Osteopathic Librarians to lead an exploration of the issues relating to effective discovery presented in this paper.
and skills, AAHSL and MLA have developed a well-qualified and
Libraries (AALL), the Special Libraries Association (SLA), AAHSL, NLM,
Since there was not 100% participation by the AAHSL directors, perhaps many directors do not feel that ethics are a concern.
While AAHSL does not have continuing education courses similar to those of MLA, there is programming at its annual meeting.
A survey (Appendix, online only) was developed following a literature review conducted by the AAHSL Education Research Task Force [11] and discussions with medical educators and librarians at national professional organization meetings.
Miller, MA, CAE, executive director, AAHSL, provided administrative support during the data analysis and manuscript writing.
The second step in recruiting respondents was to use the website links from the AAMC online list of member colleges to find contact information for library directors or reference librarians affiliated with the listed institutions from which no participation email message had been received in response to the AAHSL posting.
meetings were held: AAHSL Scholarly Communication Committee and NLM