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AAIBAmerican Association for the Improvement of Boxing (Mount Vernon, NY)
AAIBAircraft Accident Investigation Board (Denmark)
AAIBArab African International Bank
AAIBAir Accidents Investigation Branch (United Kingdom)
AAIBAmerican Association of Instructors of the Blind (est. 1871)
AAIBAircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (Switzerland)
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Hassan Abdalla, Vice Chairman and Managing Director at AAIB commented: "The bank's understanding for corporate social responsibility has evolved in the last decade to embed sustainability concepts in all our banking traditions.
Following a fatal air ambulance crash in July 1998, the AAIB recommended the CAA should "encourage the development" of lightweight and low-cost flight recorders, and "consider" whether they should be used in emergency service helicopters.
The CAA issued a statement which said it assisted the AAIB with its investigation and was "studying the report and its recommendations".
The AAIB found that the pilot and his seat were thrown from the cockpit as the plane hit the ground.
will be "I would be grateful if you could give urgent consideration to this matter and take any necessary steps to expedite the publication of the final AAIB report.
Captin Al-Kishi announced that the full authority to invesigate into the accident are vested in the AAIB.
It is thought that the AAIB will be able to send details to the Dutch within 24 hours - giving further information of the last moments of the doomed Boeing 777 as it fell to earth in eastern Ukraine.
An AAIB spokesman said: "Initial assessment provided no evidence of major mechanical disruption to either engine and indicated that the main rotor gearbox was capable of providing drive.
The helicopter manufacturer is helping with the investigation, the AAIB said.
While the report said "no conclusive causal factors for the accident could be established", the AAIB added that a technical fault with the helicopter "cannot be completely ruled out".
The AAIB said "evidence suggested" that the door had not been fully latched following maintenance work done at Southampton overnight before the flight.