AAICCAssociation of America-Israel Chambers of Commerce
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Segun los valores del [AICc.sub.min] y el AAICc, los modelos de mejor ajuste fueron los modelos U-Richards, U-Logistico y el U-Gompertz; sin ninguna diferencia entre ellos segun los valores del [W.sub.i] (TABLA II), y por lo tanto, habia la necesidad de estimar un modelo promedio.
From the candidate set of 64 GLMMs (Table S1), fitted to activity data, we identified a confidence set of six models (AAICc < 2, in bold in the Table S1), which were used in the final parameter estimation (Table 2).
Empty space: term not included in a given model; BF: broadleaved forests; df: degrees of freedom; log Lik: log likelihood; AICc: corrected Akaike information criterion; AAICc: difference in the AICc value between a given model and the most parsimonious one; w: Akaike weight.
The importance of these models was assessed by evaluating AAICc with respect to the null model (Arnold, 2010) and with chi-square tests (a = 0.05) on the differences in model deviances.
Army Logistics Management College (ALMC) students now can receive academic credit from the Florida Institute of Technology and the University of Alabama in Huntsville for completing the Army Acquisition Basic Course (AABC) and the Army Acquisition Intermediate Contracting Course (AAICC).
Further, AAICc values in relation to the model with the minimum AlCc, and Akaike weights, which provide a relative weight of evidence for each model and likelihood-ratio based [R.sup.2]-values were calculated.
We evaluated competing models using an information-theoretic approach with AAICc values of [less than or equal to] 2 indicating models with substantial support (Burnham & Anderson 2002).
The best model (AAICc = 0) and others receiving support ([DELTA]AICc [less than or equal to] 2) are reported for each bird species.
Ranking was based upon the AAICc, which is the difference between a candidate model's AICc score and the lowest AICc score of all the models in question.