AAICPCAssociation of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
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The members of the project team (APHSA, AAICPC, Tetrus, and the state pilots) have truly worked in partnership with a "can do" attitude to solve various issues that have arisen during the project.
The CB was selected as lead agency to administer funds to APHSA and its affiliate, AAICPC, through a cooperative agreement.
Mical Peterson is the Children's Services program supervisor at the Minnesota Department of Human Services and president of the AAICPC.
Priorities at APHSA: My priorities here at APHSA are to establish professional relationships with staff and affiliate members, to learn how the AAICPC affiliate functions, and to execute innovative ways to effectively contribute to APHSA's vision and mission.
Saturday, May 5 and Sunday, May 6, mark the convening of the AAICPC Annual Business Meeting.
We will host an AAICPC Awards Luncheon to acknowledge champions who have furthered the cause of the ICPC and child welfare through their time and contributions.
For additional information about the AAICPC Annual Business Meeting, Training Workshop and Child Welfare Conference in at the Embassy Suites Minneapolis-Airport beginning Friday, April 29-Tuesday, May 3, 2011, please visit the AAICPC web site at http://icpc.
The meeting is being heralded as innovative, groundbreaking and resourceful in advancing the AAICPC mission and the field of interstate placements.
9) Penlope Maza, "Does Being Placed Out-of-State Make a Difference for Children in Foster Care," presented at AAICPC annual meeting, May 1, 2001.