AAIFFAsian American International Film Festival
AAIFFAir-to-Air Identification Friend or Foe
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As the official vehicle sponsor of the AAIFF, Toyota encourages and promotes rising talent in the Asian community.
Prior to the festival, Toyota Matrix will also sponsor an online scavenger hunt where festival fans can search for clues and submit their findings to the AAIFF website.
The V-Clip Competition is an entertaining experience for both moviegoers and moviemakers attending the AAIFF.
AAIFF, also known as "The First Home to Asian-American Cinema," is the nation's premier festival dedicated to screening works by media artists of Asian descent and, 26 years after its founding, continues to be a leading showcase for Asian-American film and video.
AAIFF, also known as The First Home to Asian American Cinema, was founded 29 years ago.
For more information about the upcoming AAIFF and details about the V-Clip National Competition visit http://www.