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AAIIAmerican Association of Individual Investors
AAIIAlabama Aircraft Industries, Inc. (Birmingham, AL)
AAIIAristolochic Acid II (toxicology)
AAIIAfrican American Islamic Institute
AAIIAd Astra International Inc. (study programs; Canada)
AAIIAustralia Artificial Intelligence Institute
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The positive and significant coefficient for the interaction term at level 2 (which refers to LNAIRT-1 in the post-shock intervention period) confirms a pre/post difference in the rate of change in the ratio of successive SP500 values associated with investor sentiment, and indicates that the change in the AAII of investor confidence (LNAIRT) is a reliable predictor of the change in the weekly SP500 in the post-shock intervention period.
1) According to the April 2009 AAII Journal article, "The Top Funds Over 5 Years: Surviving the Claws of a Bear Market.
The increase in interest expense was due to the amortization of a $400,000 debt extension fee paid by AAII in the first quarter of 2009 which was partially refunded to AAII in the second quarter of 2009.
AAII also develops and manufactures rocket vehicles and control systems, and precision components for the aviation industry.
AAII has decided to pursue this matter in Court because the Air Force failed to take appropriate corrective action in response to the GAO's December 27 and February 1 decisions.
AAII President Ron Aramini issued a statement explaining, "While we are disappointed with the GAO's latest decision, we fully intend to continue to press our case until the Air Force has conducted a full and fair evaluation of proposals.
AAII studies over 50 of the top investing strategies, and in the growth category, The CAN SLIM Investing System continues to outperform.
This is the second time the GAO has upheld a protest by AAII of an award to Boeing in connection with this Program.
Robins has been published in industry journals such as AAII, and Better Investing.
The P10 billion bulk water supply project is a joint venture between the DCWD and AAII that is aimed at providing the adequate, reliable, and sustainable water supply system to Davao City for the long term.
AAII, by the way, has many more strategies, some with less of a shock in 2008, and all interesting.
7% for the past 15 years (January 1998 through December 31, 2012, AAII Stock Screen).