AAIRAsthma and Allergy Information and Research
AAIRAustralian Association of Institutional Research
AAIRAdvances in Artificial Intelligence Research (journal)
AAIRAsynchronous Adaptive Incremental Redundancy
AAIRArmy Accident Investigation and Reporting
AAIRAI Language Research Institute
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AAIR commissioned the report following the launch of the Brussels Declaration in May of this year.
Further discussions between AAIR and HRL have led to the development of an internal web-based system called the MAP Freshman Intervention Tool (MAP-FIT).
When the AAIR system's sensors detect a crash, an airbag built into the restraint deploys up and away from the seat occupant, unlike an automobile airbag, which deploys toward the occupant.
As seating manufacturers and carriers seek out additional safety measures to enhance aircraft, and as more of the flying public become aware of the increased safety afforded by our AAIR system, it will only be a matter of time before airbag restraints are readily available nose to tail," Hagan said.
Helping to prevent the loss of life constitutes the ultimate reward for the thousands of man hours that went into researching, developing, testing and implementing the AAIR system," said Ken Beckemeyer, president of AmSafe, Inc.
Diamond Aircraft's decision to install the AAIR as standard equipment is significant in that Diamond represents the first general aviation manufacturer in Europe to install the AAIR system.
Many of our customers have ordered the AAIR for their light sport planes," said John Degonia, AMD's director of sales and Federal Aviation Administration production test pilot.
AAIR retrofit kits are now available for installation and will be sold exclusively through Cessna's 350 worldwide service stations.
We believe AAIR will significantly enhance what is already the safest form of transport - AMSAFE is simply raising the bar of safety in commercial aviation," said AMSAFE Aviation executive Cary R.
AA public aairs head Paul Watters said: "Asda triggered something of a supermarket price war on Tuesday, which T was enough to send average UK pump prices to their lowest for more than three years.
Appearing before the Home Aairs Select Committee, he said the "vast majority" of customers were receiving their documents within a "reasonable period".
Jannounced he is quitting the PSagship current aairs show Newsnight saying he wants to "go to bed at much the same time as most people".