AAIUAir Accident Investigation Unit
AAIUAlumni Association of Indian Universities (now American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists)
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The light aircraft remains at the scene to allow for technical examination by AAIU engineers, specialists and gardai.
On Sunday, the AAIU said it had given the A-321 a clean bill of health earlier this year after its annual review, which was carried out in Ireland, where the aircraft was registered.
(12.) AAIU, PVCC (June 12, 1946 and March 2, 1947) and author's interview with Arnold Franco, July Z009.
In an AAIU report published earlier this year, air accident inspectors identified nine signifi-cant issues which contributed to the Manx2.com service crashing.
The AAIU last year revealed problems with engine number two of the twin turboprop Fairchild Metroliner, which could have caused an uneven thrust from the wings.
(38.) Allatini to President of the Alliance Israelite Universelle, AAIU. Also see the case of the Hobermann family from Russia, consisting of a mother (age 26) and two small children who departed Salonika on the S.S.
The AAIU concluded: "Landing a helicopter is a critical phase of flight when circumstances can change rapidly.
Following the release of the Irish Air Accident Investigation Unit's (AAIU) preliminary report into the crash, lawyers at Irwin Mitchell law firm representing Mr Cantle's partner Beth Webster say they have "serious concerns" over the decision taken to roster newly qualified pilot Mr Cantle alongside a captain who had only recently qualified.
The AAIU said the aircraft was fitted with an anti-icing system which diverts hot air from the back of the engine to the front.
They added he "will publish the report and will ensure the recommendations are implemented once the AAIU have been given time to consider it".
The Transport Department's Air Accident Investigation Unit (AAIU) said the cause of the accident was an attempt to carry out a manoeuvre for which "neither the aircraft, nor the pilot, were qualified".