AAIUAir Accident Investigation Unit
AAIUAlumni Association of Indian Universities (now American Association of Indian Pharmaceutical Scientists)
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See AAIU, American Friends of the AIU (AF) Box 31, file 92, correspondence between Eran Laor and Saadiah Cherniak, February 14, 1969 and February 26, 1969.
The AAIU said there were systemic deficiencies at the operational, organisational and regulatory levels including pilot training, scheduling of crews, maintenance and inadequate oversight.
The AAIU added it "welcomes the assistance provided by him following this accident and his willingness to have it highlighted for safety purposes".
The AAIU says that the pilot's flight plan took him from the park at Aras An Uachtarain along the river Liffey: "Heading East would have brought the helicopter over the built-up areas of Dublin 5, 9, 11, and 13.
The AAIU inquiry also revealed special radar to closely track flights from the control tower in Kerry Airport was due to be in place in mid-2014 but was still not operating a month after the incident.
A spokesman said: "Activities at the accident site will include recording of the wreckage and general area, interviews with witnesses and recovery of wreckage and documentation to the AAIU wreckage and examination facility at Gormanston.
The f amilies are a ppreciative of the thorough investigation by Leo Murray and his team at the AAIU.
But the AAIU added it could not assess if this would have played a part in a miscalculation of fuel or reaction to the engine stall.
Teams were on standby to remove the remains once the AAIU declared the site safe last night.