AAJCAfrican American Jazz Caucus, Inc. (New York, NY)
AAJCAustral-Asian Journal of Cancer
AAJCAmerican Association of Junior Colleges (now American Association of Community Colleges)
AAJCAuthorized Academic Java Campus (Austria)
AAJCAssociation d'Assurance des Juristes Canadiens (French: Canadian Lawyers Insurance Association; Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
AAJCAsian American Justice Center (formerly National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium)
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Laski, March 7, 29, 1935, AAJC-MWP; Minutes of Executive Committee, January 5, 1935, AAJC.
With ongoing promotion of the manual, LDF, MALDEF and AAJC will continue to educate the public about why the manual and continued vigilance by minority community leaders during redistricting is necessary; the ways in which minority communities can collaborate to ensure redistricting serves as a vehicle to protect rather than threaten their representation; and the importance of participation within and collaboration between minority communities in all redistricting efforts.
Narasaki, president and executive director of AAJC, one of the premier national Asian American civil and human rights organizations.
AAJC also applauds President Bush for welcoming new immigrants and acknowledging their contributions to the United States.
AAJC believes that an integral element of such an immigration system is honoring the American tradition of making due process and a fair day in court available to all who come in contact with our immigration system.
As a result, given the growing demand for developers of Java technology, AAJC graduates are more marketable as they enter the workforce.
We are excited to have Techno-Z FH Research & Development join the growing list of AAJC participants," said Kim Jones, Sun Microsystems vice president of global education and research.