AAJIAsosiasi Asuransi Jiwa Indonesia (Indonesian: Life Insurance Association of Indonesia)
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In addition to joint venture banks and private banks, AAJI also recorded two Regional Development Banks (BPD) opening business in bancassurance.
According to AAJI in 2010, there were 89 banks having bancassurance program and 8,369 marketing officers of bancassurance hold the AAJI certificate.
The AAJI said by December, 2006, there were 25 banks having bancassurance programs and 8,369 bancassurance marketing officers had received AAJI certificates.
AAJI said the number of insurance agents in Indonesia at present is around 76,093 representing around 50 life insurance companies (17 joint ventures and 33 local companies).
In a bid to increase the number of skilled agents in life insurance industry, AAJI will speed up the process of certification of agents through annual routine program.