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I would like to thank the organizing committee of the AAJS 2013 conference, in particular Michael Abrahams-Sprod, Anna Huenecke and Suzanne Rutland for inviting to me to deliver the keynote address on which this article is based.
I wish to thank Dr Celmara Pocock for her critical and insightful comments, two anonymous reviewers for their helpful contributions, and the participants of the AAJS annual conference in Sydney in February 2013 for their discussions on an earlier draft of this paper.
I am grateful to Myer Samra for helpful comments, to Alon Kol for bibliographic assistance, to Amir Meltzer for excellent suggestions, to Neta Steigrad for bilingual editing, and to the participants of the AAJS annual conference in Canberra, February 2011, and the Israel Democracy Institute conference on State and Religion, June 2011, for their discussions of earlier drafts of this essay.