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AAKAleanca për Ardhmërinë e Kosovës (Albanian: Alliance for the Future of Kosovo)
AAKAlive and Kickin'
AAKAsleep at the Keyboard
AAKAusschuß Aachener Karneval (Carnival of Aachen Committee, Germany)
AAKAtlantoaxial Kyphosis (sagittal deformity)
AAKAmino Acid Kinase (enzyme)
AAKAll American Karate (Lambertville, MI)
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AAK has production operations in Denmark, Mexico, the Netherlands, Sweden, the UK, Uruguay and the US.Its fats, with a high technological content, are used as substitute for butter-fat and cocoa butter, transfree solutions for fillings in chocolate and confectionery products, as well as in the cosmetics industry.Country: USASector: Food/Beverages/TobaccoTarget: Oasis Foods CompanyBuyer: AarhusKarlshamn AB Type: Corporate acquisitionStatus: Closed
According to AAK, Binol, which is part of its business area Technical Products & Feed, has for many years been run as an autonomous entity within AAK with its own sales force, product development, logistics set-up and administration.
With AAK flaked fats, food producers can achieve optimum crispiness in thin-crust pizzas and an indulgent, moist crust in deep-pan recipes.
AAK Personal Care's product range delivers our advanced technology - the purest ingredients with long shelf life, biological functionality, and superior physical properties - to leading companies in over 40 countries.
AAK in collaboration with Crop Life Director International is conducting a risk mitigation workshop for stakeholders in an initiative to attain 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals which strives to promote sustainable agriculture, well-being of the farmers and achieve food security.
To determine if aurora A kinase (AAK) plays a post-metaphase role in Drosophila S2 cell division, AAK was knocked down by RNA interference (RNAi), and microtubule (MT) intensity in the spindle midzone during late anaphase was quantified (Fig.
AAK's technical application manager will then, if required, assess the area, and produce a tailored action plan for any identified improvements.
Cher Evans-Cooper, Amy Hawkeswood, Oliver Harris, Megan McCormack and Amir Aak, from Queen Alexandra College (QAC) in Harborne, joined the National Association of Specialist Colleges (Natspec) to launch the 'A Right Not A Fight' campaign, which calls for young people with a disability to have the right to educational choices that their able-bodied peers take for granted.
AAK UK Ltd, of Hull, was prosecuted at Liverpool Crown Court by the Health and Safety Executive after an investigation found that forklift truck drivers had regularly driven onto a public road to load lorries, without the company putting any safety measures in place.
AAK Dogar advocate said proceedings could be initiated against former president Pervez Musharraf for breaching the law and verdict pronounced by Sind High Court determines his quantum of punishment in this regard.
A conveyor system designed to transport goods between ground and upper floor levels with maximum reliability and minimum footprint has been completed by EUROPEAN CONVEYOR SYSTEMS for AarhusKarlshamn UK Ltd (AAK).