AAL0Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 0
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AAL0 is a lower level protocol that provides a fast and transparent interface to the ATM cell, without adding any of the additional processing that the other AAL protocols incur.
It supports Utopia and serial interfaces, AAL0 and AAL5 protocols, look-up and address compression modes, and direct CBR/UBR features.
Like the Bt8230 product, the Bt8233 ServiSAR performs all AAL0 and AAL5 SAR functions while supporting up to 32,000 duplex Virtual Circuit Channels (VCCs).
The foreground channel can be set to (ATM Adaptation Layer) AAL0, AAL1 or test cell with fixed or user patterns for QoS and BERT measurements.
The Bt8230EPFC can perform all AAL0, AAL3/4 and AAL5 SAR functions while supporting 16,000 active Virtual Circuit Channels (VCCs).