AAL1Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 1
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Relacion de tipos de AAL a las categorias de servicios ATM (Cisco, 2005) AAL Type ATM Service Category Application AAL0 (1) (Not applicable) Cell relay over MPLS AAL1 CBR Voice AAL2 rt-VBR Compressed voice (allows for silent periods) or compressed video; Voice over ATM (VoATM).
This data was converted using ATM Adaptation Layer One (AAL1) and sent over the network.
RADCOM's interface module enables line-rate statistics and traffic generation of any AAL1, AAL3/4, and AAL5 data.
"Backbone traffic would soon carry a variety of services over different ATM adaptation layers such as AAL1, AAL2 and AAL5", says Yuval S.
"With the ACE-101 ," explains Ariel Caner, RAD's ATM product line manager, "carriers are able to move services to ATM without losing service flexibility while gaining more control through OAM (operation, administration, maintenance) flows, traffic policing, monitoring, and shaping." Deutsche Telekom has approved the ACE-101 as an interworking NTU for its T-NET ATM network, and the product was found to perform according to ITU-T an d ATM Forum standards for voice over ATM (AAL1) and LAN/IP over ATM (AAL5).
For backbone traffic generation, the unit offers IP Blaster software, capable of generating a diverse range of data from AAL1 cells to full-fledged TCP/IP traffic at wirespeed.--RADCOM Equipment Co.
Voice and video require an ATM multiplexer, which typically supports these traffic types by applying AAL1 circuit emulation.