AAL1Asynchronous Transfer Mode Adaptation Layer 1
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Relacion de tipos de AAL a las categorias de servicios ATM (Cisco, 2005) AAL Type ATM Service Category Application AAL0 (1) (Not applicable) Cell relay over MPLS AAL1 CBR Voice AAL2 rt-VBR Compressed voice (allows for silent periods) or compressed video; Voice over ATM (VoATM).
For backbone traffic generation, the WireSpeed offers the award-winning IP Blaster(tm) traffic generation software, capable of generating a diverse range of data from AAL1 cells to full-fledged TCP/IP traffic at wire speeds.
0, General Bandwidth has released a new 10 port T1 Telephony Port Module (TPM2) which adds VoATM AAL1 support and enhances the processing power of the G6 platform to support CableLabs' PacketCable security requirements when operating the G6 platform at its full capacity of more than 26,000 subscribers/chassis.
A TDMoIP gateway encapsulates segments of the constant rate TDM in AAL1 cells, which are carried in UDP/IP packets.
Together with Mindspeed's robust, industry-proven software, the M82710 represents a true carrier-class system-on-chip solution for VoIP and voice-over-ATM (VoATM) AAL1, AAL2 and AAL5 applications in next generation wireline; and GSM, CDMA2000 and W-CDMA wireless networks.
RAD Data Communications has become the first vendor of telecommunications access solutions to announce that its products will fully support the TDM Transport over MPLS using AAL1 Implementation Agreement (IA), which was recently adopted by the MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance.
It defines the emulation of TDM circuits over MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs) by using AAL1 encapsulation.
Ron Insler, RAD Data Communications, editor of the MPLS/Frame Relay Alliance TDM over MPLS using ATM AAL1 IA, added, "For vendors this IA enables re-use of designs based on well-known AAL1 mechanisms, hence speeding time-to-market, while for operators, this approach is an evolutionary application of mature protocols, minimizing learning time and facilitating interworking with standard ATM-based circuit emulation systems.
The TDM-over-MPLS IA defines the emulation of TDM circuits over MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs) by using AAL1 encapsulation.
The MPLS Forum's Applications and Deployment Working Group is progressing Voice over MPLS Version 2 as well as several other work items including FR/MPLS Interworking, PNNI (Private Network-to-Network Interface)/MPLS Interworking, and TDM over AAL1 over MPLS.