AALAAdventure Activities Licensing Authority
AALAAmerican Agricultural Law Association
AALAAmerican Association for Laboratory Accreditation
AALAAmerican Automobile Labelling Act
AALAAsociación de Amigos del Lago de Atitlán (Association of Friends of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala)
AALAActive Array Lens Antenna
AALAArgentine Association of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
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RMN Global Search is excited about attending the AALA conference for the first time and hosting a booth on Thursday.
We are delighted that the leadership of AALA has joined the District in arriving at an incredible shared solution to address our critical budget shortfall," said Robert Alaniz, director of communications for LAUSD.
If that framework is regarded, rightly or wrongly, as facilitating a money-making enterprise, and if these centres do decide to bail out of AALA and their relationships with local education authorities as a consequence, what impact is that going to have on the provision of safe, well-run activities for school-age participants, in particular those from less privileged backgrounds?
APALA, which had absorbed most of the former AALA membership, had already eclipsed the APALMA in stature among APA librarians and prominence within the ALA at the time of its affiliation in 1982 and had become the primary association for pan-Asian/Pacific American librarians to join.
He said two letters were sent to the Scout Association by the AALA offering assistance in improving its safety standards on mountains.
Under the AALA regime, licenses were required by specified groups offering adventure trips to young people.
What it and other industry leaders want is for the scouts to apply their standards while remaining outside the legal framework of the AALA.
Formed in 2005, the AALA is a community-based fellowship program offering training and development to aspiring professionals who demonstrate potential for top leadership in their careers and in the community.
We here at AALA would suggest that we need to have some hard and fast figures on the cost of minidistricts,'' he said, ``and some hard and fast figures of what the results would be financially, if you were to reduce the number.
It costs Plas-y-Brenin pounds 800-ayear to be registered with the Cardiff-based AALA and that is just the cost of the licensing process.
The AALA requires new cars to provide information on the window sticker, including where the car was assembled, the U.