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AALCAmerican Association of Lutheran Churches
AALCAmphibious Assault Landing Craft
AALCAutonomous Approach Landing Capability
AALCAa Ab Laut Chalen (Hindi movie)
AALCAnimal Agriculture Liaison Committee (American Veterinary Medical Association)
AALCAfrican-American Leadership Center
AALCAmplified Automatic Level Control
AALCAdvanced Airdrop for Land Combat
AALCAdvanced Airborne Launch Center
AALCAshland Area Labor Council
AALCArab American Leadership Council (est. 1989)
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However, the AALC system operates independently of ground-based navigation aids.
Gary Machovina, principal writer of the AALC concept of operations, said AMC identified a deficiency in mobility operations in Bosnia during 1995 and 1996.
With AALC providing the pilot with adequate imagery and the dependence on airport infrastructure gone, mobility assets will be free to operate under a majority of atmospheric conditions related to extreme low visibility," he said.
She described her efforts to organize the AALC and said that the EMIETF program was the type of thought-provoking forum that she envisioned the AALC sponsoring.
At the ALA Annual Conference in New York the following year, Suzuki asked me to attend the upcoming Midwinter Meeting in Chicago to discuss the AALC with Henry Chang, Yen Tsai Feng, and herself.
Primerica Senior National Sales Director and AALC member, Gary Kornegay of Arcadia, CA, said, "It is clear that African American families are increasingly upwardly mobile in terms of income, yet they largely remain left behind in terms of being sought out by and receiving the personal service that would help them develop a solid game plan for a more secure financial future.
Senior National Sales Director and co-Chair of the AALC, John Lennon of Greensboro, North Carolina, added, "Today, middle-income families are faced with tough financial challenges and attendees will emerge from this conference better prepared to help Main Street families.
The AALC Conference will conclude with a general session from 9:00 AM through 2:00 PM on Sunday.
Under these conditions, AALC generates an image from the millimeter-wave radar that is displayed to the aircrew via a digital light engine head-up display, with flight-guidance symbology overlaid digitally onto the image.
BAE Systems was awarded the initial AALC contract in 2004.
AALC is fully autonomous, placing all sensors aboard the aircraft with no need for ground-based landing aids -- significantly improving flexibility in mission planning and execution.
This AALC system provides pilots with situational awareness of the runway environment and obstacles and addresses spatial disorientation issues caused by lack of visual perspective," said Tom Herring, vice president of Integrated Solutions of BAE Systems for Platform Solutions.