AALDAustralian American Leadership Dialogue (Toorak, Victoria, Australia)
AALDAustralian Army Legal Department
AALDAvian Aviation Taskforce Leader (US Coast Guard)
AALDAtlantic Association of Landscape Designers (Canada)
AALDActivation-Associated Lymphocyte Death
AALDAdvanced Aviation Logistics Division
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As early as August 1917, AALD director Robert Maisel wrote to the president of the AFL, Samuel Gompers, "The Yiddish reading public remains ignorant of the facts, and it is no wonder that they claim this to be an unjust war.
The many socialists who joined the AALD, JSL, and other pro-war organizations (and the independent stance taken by Socialist Congressman Meyer London) on the one hand; and the support Hillquit received among the usually anti-radical Orthodox Jews on the other, illustrate that the main dividing lines in the 1917 mayoralty campaign did not revolve around socioeconomic issues, but around the question of war and the ensuing draft.
On the AALD see "Reminiscences of John Spargo," Columbia University Oral History Research Office (hereafter CUOHROC), 266-78.