AALIAfrican-American Leadership Institute (Denver, CO)
AALIAssociation for Advocacy and Legal Initiatives (India)
AALIAfrican American Leadership Initiative (United Way)
AALIAnn Arbor Learning Inventory (teaching strategies)
AALIAspiration-Induced Acute Lung Injury (physiology)
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The poets recited their poetry on Allama Iqbal were Aftab Zia, Iftikhar Khatak, Firdos Ayubi, Arshad Sulehri, Farhana Ali, Shakoor Ahsin, Gul Mohammad Nazik, Riffat Waheed, Munir Fayyaz, Sheda Chishti, Arshad Malik, Kaleem Ehsan Butt, Rasheed Saqi, Naseem-e-Saher, Jamil Yosaf, Aziz Qureshi and Jalil Aali.
Adel Al Aali affirmed that there are arrangements to meet the Ministry of Health's side, adding that the joint committee aims to ensure the best medical services as well as address the problems and challenges facing the sector.
Aali, formally known as Mirza Jamiluddin Ahmed Khan, a scion of Loharo state, in British India, was born on January 20, 1926 in Delhi.
He said that Jamiluddin Aali was the son of Nawab of Loharu and his services for the promotion of Urdu language in the subcontinent are of great significance.
NATIONAL Finance House (NFH) has provided financial support to A'ali Sports and Cultural Club as part of its sponsorship of the First NFH & Aali Football Championship.
The joint venture agreement will see AALI become a 50 per cent shareholder of KLK s joint venture firm in Indonesia, PT Kreasijaya Adhikarya, which is engaged in refinery and trading of palm oil refined products, according to KLK.
Salman Turabi's central speeches in connection with the month of Saffar and Chehlum of Imam Aali Muqam (AH) will be announced shortly.
The president of the Bahrain chapter, Hani Al Aali, opened the meeting by discussing the club's objectives, which include learning how to get the most from a Ferrari and organising track events and trips.
Mr Al Aali said total distribution of 40pc has been approved by the shareholders, 5pc being cash and 35pc being bonus shares.
Professor Dr Ehasan Akbar, Dr Jaleel Aali and Dr Ayub Sabir will present their articles on Allama Iqbal.
Jalil Aali said that Pakistan Movement is intact with an effort to remember a separate identity and cultural independence of the Muslims.
Cafoy Blanc, Lebanese Kitchen is a new addition to the row of chic restaurants located in the Seef district behind Al Aali Shopping Complex, reports Asma Salman.