AALLAmerican Association of Law Libraries (est. 1906; Chicago, IL)
AALLAmerican Association for Labor Legislation (1905-1943)
AALLAsian American Law Librarians (est. 1988)
AALLAssociation for Academic Language and Learning (Australia)
AALLAutomatic Analysis of Learner Language (Workshop)
AALLAlbion Academy for Lifelong Learning (Michigan)
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CDATA[ Netanyahu welcomed Gilad Shalit back to Israel and said, aAll of us are united today.
AAll you can do now is to look for the yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves and squash them.
Group discussions on literature and current affairs have also taken place with authors Ali Al Mugri, Ghada Abdull Aall, Khaleel Suwaileh, Ali AlSharqawi, Huwayda Hafeth, Atheer Al Sada and Yousif Rakha.
BB, Solihull AALL you can do is what you are Aalready doing - showing her you care and that you are willing to listen when she needs a shoulder to cry on.
5% in aAll 4+a audience, according to TNS Gallup) with a new universal channel (preliminarily called Rossiya-2), targeted at the 25+ audience, from January 2010, Kommersant reports.
SAIL - School Action Intervention in Literacy, AALl Caerdydd
Intended to study labor conditions at the local, state, federal, and international levels, AALL published pamphlets, drafted legislation, and sought administrative reforms.
Opposing the AALL were unions and businesses, including insurance companies that did not want government setting foot on terrain that was or might become profitable to them.
AALL has been committed to serving inmates and prison law libraries since the early 1970s.
It was a highly sophisticated culture in social organization, hierarchy structure and the richness of resources,'' says Ingrid Aall, Asian art history professor at California State University, Long Beach.
The NGO chapter, written by Pamela Aall of the USIP, is also an instructive and concisely written offering.