AALLAmerican Association of Law Libraries (est. 1906; Chicago, IL)
AALLAmerican Association for Labor Legislation (1905-1943)
AALLAsian American Law Librarians (est. 1988)
AALLAssociation for Academic Language and Learning (Australia)
AALLAutomatic Analysis of Learner Language (Workshop)
AALLAlbion Academy for Lifelong Learning (Michigan)
References in classic literature ?
Throo aall the waarld owld Gaarge would bwoast, Commend me to merry owld England mwoast; While vools gwoes prating vur and nigh, We stwops at whum, my dog and I.
AALL the characters in Dickens' novel and Polanski's film have a kind of dreamlike quality, as if they're all inside a dream.
AALL goods have to be of satisfactory quality when sold, and if they're not the shop has to sort out the problem, including making sure that repairs are done or giving you a refund.
Tenders are invited for Property no:2 aall the piece and parcel of land and building situated at kangeyam road,tirupur village r.
The ISP is expected to take aall reasonable measuresa.
When young it was different, unbowed, face the world And its worst, A miner, in the bowels of hell, a proper job, dangerous; Am I old, bitter, sad, lonely, aye aall of these marra
AALL of my sisters have tried to fix me up in the past.
AALL London clubs are named after the areas they come from.
AAll Premium Bond numbers, old or new, have 10 characters.
The law librarian survey was mailed to 1028 members of the AALL.
What a grand Toon Hall the eye'll greet, And aall ower the place the 'lectric leet, Wi' foontains and trees in ivvory street A hundred eyars fra noo