AALPAdvanced Agricultural Leadership Program (Ontario, Canada)
AALPARM Assembly Language Programming
AALPAmerican Association of Legal Publishers (Falls Church, VA)
AALPAnterior Atlantoaxial Locking Plate (biomechanics)
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Final preparations for airlift shipment, including creation of the final AALPS load plan, were performed by air terminal personnel at NAS NORVA.
AALPS College Midlands is no exception and everyone at Weaver is thrilled to be involved with such a prestigious project that will bring enormous benefits to the youngsters and their families."
Alex Niven (left), head of autistic services at AALPS College Midlands, and Mark Weaver, marketing director Weaver
Once I arrived at my unit, I received the Automated Air Load Planning System (AALPS) computer which helps assist the UMO's in determining lift restrictions and easily identifying load plans for aircraft.
The ability to develop load plans with a Prolog-based expert system was proven in the early 1980s when SRI International developed the AUTOMATED AIR LOAD-PLANNING SYSTEM (AALPS) for the U.S.
CAEMS, ICODES, and AUTOSHIP operate primarily the same way for ships that AALPS does for aircraft loads: The user loads the cargo, and the system validates the load against constraints.
It was also vital to have a UMO who had access to Automated Air Load Planners System (AALPS) software to complete the aircraft load plan.
Airfield AALPS, ADACG Conduct air load 1 Day Operations Operations planning and manage air deployment operations.
This information is then manually transferred to the Automated Air Load Planning System (AALPS) personnel who manually enter it into the AALPS system.
Data from the TC-AIMS II can be fed into the Automated Air Load Planning System (AALPS) to produce information that will assist in planning aircraft loads.