AALPAdvanced Agricultural Leadership Program (Ontario, Canada)
AALPARM Assembly Language Programming
AALPAmerican Association of Legal Publishers (Falls Church, VA)
AALPAnterior Atlantoaxial Locking Plate (biomechanics)
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Final preparations for airlift shipment, including creation of the final AALPS load plan, were performed by air terminal personnel at NAS NORVA.
AALPS College Midlands is no exception and everyone at Weaver is thrilled to be involved with such a prestigious project that will bring enormous benefits to the youngsters and their families.
Alex Niven (left), head of autistic services at AALPS College Midlands, and Mark Weaver, marketing director Weaver
CAEMS, ICODES, and AUTOSHIP operate primarily the same way for ships that AALPS does for aircraft loads: The user loads the cargo, and the system validates the load against constraints.
At this point, t would have been beneficial to have the mobile computer with the AALPS on hand o make final adjustments to load plans, rather than relying on the DPC each time.
Legend AALPS = Automated Air Load Planning System AD AC G = Arrival/dep arture airfield control group BCS3 = Battle Command Sustainment Support System HAZMAT = Hazardous materials IGC = Integrated Data Environment/Global Transportation Network Convergence OEF = Operation Enduring Freedom PSA = Port support activity RF-ITV = Radio Frequency-In-Transit Visibility SMS = Army Strategic Management System TC-AIMS 1 = Transportation Coordinators' Automated Information for Movements System II WPS = Worldwide Port System
If a vehicle fails the joint inspection or the actual load changes for any reason, this information can be entered into GATES at the airfield and transmitted to both AALPS and TC--IMS II.