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AAMALAcademy of African Music and Arts, Ltd. (Ghana)
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He pointed out that AAMAL had adopted the principle of partnership between state institutions and non-governmental organizations, stressing that people with disabilities are potential energy that should be tapped into to contribute to development in Syria.
She added that the educational program adopted by the Center was put by the specialists of AAMAL based on epistemic and linguistic principles in line with the age of the children.
Asma al-Assad accompanied the Indian President on a visit to the Syrian Organization for the Disabled ( AAMAL ).
AAMAL is a non-Governmental organization dedicated to improve the quality of life for individuals with special needs by acting as a catalyst for change, pursuing an integrated approach, and networking with others to achieve the broadest impact.
Many psychiatrists and specialists in pediatrics, physical therapy, autism spectrum disorders and special education from AAMAL and other NGOs are participating in the forum.
Executive Director of AAMAL Rami Khalil underlined the symposium's importance in exchanging scientific expertise, stressing the need for paying attention to psychological health when approaching the various cases of disability, particularly since many physical disabilities cause psychological disorders.
ASIF IQBAL DOHA AAMAL Company on Sunday said its net profit for 2011 decreased five percent to QR533.
In turn, Executive Director of AAMAL Rami Khalil highlighted the importance of dealing with the issue of disability in TV series, pointing out to the unitfied efforts of public, private and civil bodies to support this social group.