AAMASAutonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
AAMASAmerican Association of Medical Audit Specialists (San Antonio, TX)
AAMASAsphalt-Aggregate Mixture Analysis System (National Cooperative Highway Research Program)
AAMASAssociation for the Advancement of Mexican-American Students
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As AAMAS itself breaks historic ground in the music industry throughout Asia by offering an overdue peer community, our site makes history by providing unparalleled value and connectivity to its member base," said Edmund Ooi, Chief Creative Officer of MusicDNA and co-founder of the Academy.
With Quincy Jones as Chairman of its Board of Governors, AAMAS is currently comprised of approximately 11,000 recording artists, musicians, composers, producers, label execs, technicians, academics and music students--holds claim to the title as Asia's "first-ever professional peer driven Academy established to honor and award excellence in the arts and sciences of music, and to foster collaboration between all sectors of the music industry across Asia and the world.
Four classifications of membership to AAMAS are open to all those affiliated with the music industry: voting, professional, student and honorary.
AAMAS will create a platform for regional, as well as, global industry players to network and explore business opportunities in a collaborative environment with strong connectivity to the region.