AAMDCAlberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (Canada)
AAMDCArmy Air & Missile Defense Command
AAMDCArea Air and Missile Defense Command
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For almost 10 years, the AAMDC has worked with municipal partners and the MCCAC to support clean energy investments in municipalities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across Alberta.
The diversity of legal types and populations indicates that UBCM and AUMA have heterogeneous memberships, while the memberships of AAMDC and UNSM are relatively homogeneous.
In December 2014, the G2, 32d AAMDC hosted the first annual G2 AAMDC Intelligence Summit attended by various elements of the AMD intelligence community, to include the 263RD AAMDC, the 94TH AAMDC, and the 10TH AAMDC.
Over the last few years, the Army has grown from one AAMDC to four, from zero THAAD batteries to seven, from 13 Patriot battalions to 15, and from zero counter-rockets, artillery, and mortar battalions to two.
My platoon sergeant and I were assigned to the 10th AAMDC and were tasked as antiterrorism officers (ATOs) for the duration of the exercise.
I look forward to continue working with the great Americans of the 94th AAMDC as we transform to the next phase.
JFLCC/Army component command area of responsibility, highlighting another barrier to AAMDC efforts--component jurisdiction.
AAMDC rural municipal members manage the majority of Albertas roads (77 per cent), most of the resource roads and 61 per cent of the bridges in our province.
The AAMDC looks forward to hearing from our members on the proposed changes so we can continue to work in their best interest with the province to create sustainable rural communities.
As AAMDC members manage the majority of Albertas roads and bridges, a strong partnership between the Government of Alberta and rural municipalities is essential to building a strong rural transportation network.
As such, the AAMDC is pleased that the Government of Alberta is providing increased water and wastewater infrastructure funding, which will support the growth and sustainability of rural and small urban communities throughout Alberta.
The AAMDC has appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with the Government of Alberta and municipal partners to review the MGA and have a frank discussion about the role of municipalities in the province.