AAMDCAlberta Association of Municipal Districts and Counties (Canada)
AAMDCArmy Air & Missile Defense Command
AAMDCArea Air and Missile Defense Command
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My platoon sergeant and I were assigned to the 10th AAMDC and were tasked as antiterrorism officers (ATOs) for the duration of the exercise.
In preparation for our job as 10th AAMDC ATOs, my platoon sergeant and I completed the Antiterrorism Officer Basic Course shortly before we arrived in Israel.
The 10th AAMDC sent me to evaluate the force protection status at Patriot missile sites throughout Israel.
While I managed to successfully complete my job as a 10th AAMDC ATO, the realization that the 10th AAMDC expected me, as a military police lieutenant with very little formal force protection experience, to be a force protection expert was eye-opening.
I look forward to continue working with the great Americans of the 94th AAMDC as we transform to the next phase.
The 94th AAMDC on order rapidly deploys forces in the Pacific area of responsibility to conduct joint and combined/coalition air and missile defense operations.
It will be structured or similar to the 32nd AAMDC, located at Fort Bliss, Texas.
JFLCC/Army component command area of responsibility, highlighting another barrier to AAMDC efforts--component jurisdiction.
For example, an immediate air support request from AAMDC must be forwarded to the fire support element of the deep operations coordination cell.
Each component, notably the Army through AAMDC and the Air Force through a numbered air force TMD cell, is pursuing the same targets, collecting and analyzing information and data to identify targets independently--resulting in duplicated efforts and wasted resources.
d] AAMDC when Seventh Air Force is in theater, effectively establishing a single focused authority over theater missile defense on the peninsula
The government and its municipal partners including AUMA, AAMDC, and the cities of Edmonton and Calgary will participate in regularly scheduled roundtable discussions.