AAMGAAmerican Association of Managing General Agents
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ultimately, our current plan was based on input from numerous sources, including management courses, AAMGA university educational offerings and the knowledge of our executive staff.
In presenting the award, AAMGA President Wayne Forest, Sr.
The AAMGA, which represents more than 500 corporate members and describes itself as the voice of the wholesale and surplus lines insurance industry, has also gained an increasingly international profile with members now coming not only from the United States and Canada, but also from Mexico, England, Germany, Switzerland and France, Heinze said.
May 17-20: AAMGA Annual Meeting, American Association of Managing General Agents, National Harbor, Md.
Heinze, AAMGA executive director, said the group "has worked diligently with the NAIC, our industry colleagues, and encouraged members to mount a grass roots effort to provide their congressmen and senators with personal examples that NARAB will provide.
13-16: AAMGA Automation and Technology Management conference.
This year AAMGA members--independent wholesalers--will discuss the hard market, reinsurance and running a family business.
Costley will primarily focus on the Excess and Surplus (E&S) market where he is well-regarded as a thought leader and a member of industry associations like AAMGA and NAPSLO.
This year's AAMGA tech conference had 100 more people in attendance than in previous years, which is impressive in a tough market.
In February Euclid Black, AAMGA president; Tom Albrecht, past president; Curtis Anderson, incoming president; and Bernie Heinze, executive director; flew to London where, over the course of a week, they met with more than 100 people in 27 meetings.
This year, AAMGA members--independent wholesalers who have a finger on the pulse of both insurers and retail agents--come together to discuss the hard market, reinsurance and running a family business.