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AAMIAssociation for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (Arlington, VA)
AAMIAge Associated Memory Impairment
AAMIAmerican Ammunition, Inc (stock symbol)
AAMIAustralian Associated Motor Insurers Limited
AAMIAfrican-American Male Initiative
AAMIAssociation of Alcohol Manufacturers and Importers (Ghana)
AAMIAmerican Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, Inc.
AAMIAssociation des Anciens Médecins Internes de l'Hôpital de Périgueux
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Specifications provided by AORN and AAMI are recommendations for clinical practice and are not the same as design specifications.
We know from the teams in the NRL that come here to AAMI Park the records show that we have a 10 per cent chance of winning so that is the size of our challenge.
The work of the experts and the steering committee was facilitated by Ed Kimmelman, QMS technical consultant to AAMI and convenor of the ISO/TC210, WG1, the developer of ISO 13485:2003.
The most cost-effective plan is to regenerate the tank routinely according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule and based on your source water because AAMI does not have a standard for these organic compounds.
AAMI has been working with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) on the development of harmonized guidance for sterilization validation and testing methods.
Both distributors previously ordered and received product from AAMI in 2003.
1, who won her 66th career title in the rain-delayed AAMI Women's Australian Open.
LAURA DAVIES is on course to capture the AAMI Women's Australian Open.
This is a continuation of our long-term plan," said Andres Fernandez, President and CEO of AAMI.
LAURA DAVIES was still leading after the third round of a windswept AAMI Women's Australian Open, but she was joined by fellow Briton Suzanne Strudwick.
However, the AAMI diagnosis is based on a less comprehensive evaluation which takes into account memory function only.