AAMNAmerican Assembly for Men in Nursing
AAMNAfrican American Media Network (New York, NY)
AAMNAnti-Aging Medical News
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Your AAMN board of director members are busy and providing strong leadership as always.
Several AAMN members were in attendance at the event and even more followed the lecture via the webinar link.
AAMN will pilot the program with a small number of schools diverse in size and geography.
The Great Lakes Chapter (Chicago, IL) will be hosting an AAMN table at an upcoming Student Nurse Association Event at Loyola University on March 22, 2014
I would say the most important thing that attracts me to AAMN is the fact that I can sit and talk with members of the profession who may experience the same struggles and issues that I experience and not have to really explain myself.
5% of all members donated to the AAMN Foundation (represents a decrease from 7% in 2012)
The AAMN Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap for AAMN and our local chapters.
NurseTim would like to offer AAMN Chapter Members a coupon for $75 off our webinar subscription service.
The AAMN Conference has attendees from all over the United States and reaches members in Canada and Australia.
This conference has attracted a wide array of nurses of both genders who are members of AAMN from throughout the United States and Canada.
In this issue of InterAction you will read that AAMN continues as the only professional organization for nurses that has improved gender inclusion in nursing profession by offering an environment of belongingness and collective learning for our members to excel in the profession.
Greetings and good wishes to you from the Board Members of the AAMN Foundation