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AAMOFAs A Matter Of Fact
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The most common ones are: IOU--I owe you; U2--you too; R--are; 4U--for you; B2B--business to business; B4U--before you; ICQ--I seek you; 4X--forex (foreign exchange); ASAP--as soon as possible; BTW--by the way; BOT--back on topic; FWIW--for what it's worth; FYI--for your information; GIGO garbage in garbage out; HTH--hope this helps; IBTD--I beg to differ; IIWM--if it were me; IMCO--in my considered opinion; IMHO--in my humble opinion; KISS--keep it simple stupid; LOL--laughing out loud; NRN--no reply necessary; OBTW--oh, by the way; OTOH on the other hand; PLS--please; RBTL--read between the lines; TAFL--take a flying leap; TIA--thanks in advance; TYVM--thank you very much; AAMOF = as a matter of fact; GON--God only knows; TTYL--talk to you later; RL--real life; VR--virtual reality, etc.
But AAMOF (see the attached glossary, where YCLIU), that's just the beginning.