AAMPSAustin Area Mobile Podiatry Services (Austin, TX)
AAMPSAgents Against Metaphysical Powers Squad
AAMPSAudience Alliance Motion Picture Studios
AAMPSAutomated Aircraft Mission Planning System
AAMPSAzienda Ambientale di Pubblico Servizio SpA
AAMPSAssociation for African Medicinal Plant Standards
AAMPSAdjustable Absorption Multiple Polymeric System
AAMPSAmino Acid and Metabolizable Protein System (Richer Feeds)
AAMPSAUTODIN Automatic Maintenance Program System (US DoD)
AAMPSAirborne Atmospheric Measurement and Profiling System (US NOAA)
AAMPSAll Azeroth Mount Protection Society (WoW gaming)
AAMPSAmtrak Accounting, Material and Purchasing System
AAMPSArizona Association of Medical Products Suppliers
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Moreover, they represent a living database, whereby information is constantly being updated and expanded via the AAMPS website (www.
One of the pioneers in AAMPS and ACAM was a physician practicing in Oklahoma City: Charlie Farr, MD.
Estimated amount in 36 months: 35 000 tonnes of waste CER 200,108 to carry and launch a recovery of materials; considered purely guideline for submission and does not constitute any commitment AAMPS SpA.
loading service, transportation and organization of treatment and / or treatment / disposal of leachate (CER 190703) produced by the plants managed by AAMPS SpA.