AAMRAmerican Association on Mental Retardation (now American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities)
AAMRAge-Adjusted Mortality Rate
AAMRAnti-Aging Medical Research
AAMRAcute Antibody-Mediated Rejection
AAMRAssociation for the Advancement of Medicine by Research (est. 1882; UK)
AAMRAfrican American Male Research (Washington, DC)
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In the 2454 municipalities existing in Mexico, the municipality of Medellin, Veracruz, and Apizaco, Tlaxcala, presented the highest AAMR.
7) Since publication of the quoted article, the AAMR has revised its name to American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.
Despite these cultural shifts and the British scientific community's empowerment through the AAMR and its support from continental Europe, I would argue that revulsion to French experimental physiology was still to be a central part of the antivivisection crusade during this period, and the image of the French vivisector as a bloodthirsty sadist was to remain prevalent in humane advocacy.
A fines del mismo ano 2009, la Unidad de Educacion Especial del Ministerio de Educacion de Chile, dispuso un documento denominado "Orientaciones Tecnicas para la Evaluacion Diagnostica de Estudiantes que presentan Necesidades Educativas Especiales asociadas a Discapacidad Intelectual" (de ahora en adelante Orientaciones Tecnicas) que describe un conjunto de aspectos relacionados con la conducta adaptativa, entre los cuales se cuentan sugerencias de instrumentos, especificacion de edades sobre las cuales aplicar evaluaciones, la operativizacion de las limitaciones en la conducta adaptativa que debe presentar una persona para ser diagnosticada con discapacidad intelectual, entre otros, concordantemente con la definicion ofrecida por la AAMR (Luckasson et al.
Separately, AAMR has applied to the Department of Energy and Climate Change for planning permission.
Additional data were obtained from 30 male clients in the commu-nity who had also met the AAMR (1992) criteria for mild learning dis-ability.
It is also important to note, relevant to the following discussion, that although AAMR's definitions of mental retardation and adaptive behavior have changed over the course of additional research, one of the criteria for application has not: In both the 1992 and the 2002 AAMR definitions of mental retardation, a person's culture is explicitly mentioned as a basic assumption in any assessment (Wehmeyer, 2003).
2006) (holding that the AAMR and the DSM-IV-TR definitions reflect a national consensus as to the proper definition of mental retardation).
Because of the researcher's interest in conducting face-to-face interviews, the study was limited to AAMR members located in a large metropolitan area in the northeastern United States.
Washington, DC: The ARC of the United States & AAMR, 2005:93-107.