AAMRIAssociation of Australian Medical Research Institutes (Australia)
AAMRIAmerican Academy of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (Morehead City, NC)
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In the lone nonreliable model, AAMRIS subscales failed to predict BPQ Anglocentric scores.
Of the six BPQ subscales, PB, AB (inversely), and PA predicted AAMRIS scores in descending order.
Of the five CMS subscales, two inversely predicted AAMRIS scores: alien- and anti-self.
Psychological Africanity orientation groups (correct, diffused, and incorrect) were operationalized three ways using score combinations of the AAMRIS and BPQ, AAMRIS and CMS, and BPQ and CMS (see Procedure or Table 4 for details).
The diffused and correct orientation groups only differed on the AAMRIS dependent variable.
There was over twice as much variance accounted for with the AAMRIS dependent variable (omega squared = .
A strength of these is being formulated congruously with the rudimentary conceptualization: higher scoring on the AAMRIS and BPQ represents greater psychological Africanity and on the CMS greater psychological Africanity disorder.
That the AAMRIS and BPQ measures relate to and predict one another more than the CMS may be more an indication of construct validity than weakness in the CMS.