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AAMTAustralian Association of Mathematics Teachers
AAMTAmerican Association for Medical Transcription (Modesto, CA)
AAMTAmerican Association for Music Therapy (now American Music Therapy Association, AMTA)
AAMTAsian-Pacific Association for Machine Translation
AAMTArmy ACTS Mobile Terminal
AAMTAdvanced Analytical Methods of Training (job skills analysis and training course design)
AAMTAverage Annual Minimum Temperature
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The development of confidence, creativity and connectedness as espoused by the keynote speakers at the AAMT Conference, is at the forefront of Prescott and Pressick-Kilbourn's article about the benefits of the activities of a lunchtime maths club.
See AAMT, Applications are now being accepted for the AAMT Certified Medical Transcriptionist (CMT) Exam, CMT Exam Quick Reference, http://www.
The final transition of all customers off of the AAMT line represents a major milestone in our continuing quest to lead the industry in billing transparency and auditability," said MedQuist Chief Executive Howard S.
Ultimately, my succession plan calls for me to leave the AAMT stage and let the new lead take over the part with strength.
Modelling with Wet Fractions, a paper by Noleine Fitzallen from the AAMT 2013 conference proceedings, has been reprinted with some minor updates.
It is an interim step until we can work with our customers billed using the AAMT line unit of measure on our legacy MedRite platform to migrate them to another clearly defined, verifiable billing unit of measure on our new transcription platform, the DocQment Enterprise Platform.
Claudia Tessier, CAE, executive director of the American Association for Medical Transcription, Modesto, California, refutes that scenario, but she acknowledges that voice technology will significantly alter the working environment for the members of AAMT.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at the AAMT office for their ongoing assistance, particularly Toby Spencer and Jacquie Sprott.
A version of this paper was presented as one of several 'provocative papers' to the Connections and Continuity conference conducted in December 2014 by the AAMT working in partnership with the Australian Council of Deans of Science (ACDS).
PK), a leading provider of electronic medical transcription, health information and document management services, today announced that it is in the process of discontinuing support of the AAMT billing unit of measure on its legacy MTS platform.
As this is my last issue as editor, I would also like to thank the AAMT team for all of their assistance.