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AAMTAustralian Association of Mathematics Teachers
AAMTAmerican Association for Medical Transcription (Modesto, CA)
AAMTAmerican Association for Music Therapy (now American Music Therapy Association, AMTA)
AAMTAsian-Pacific Association for Machine Translation
AAMTArmy ACTS Mobile Terminal
AAMTAdvanced Analytical Methods of Training (job skills analysis and training course design)
AAMTAverage Annual Minimum Temperature
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AAMT invited me to attend their dinner during the Conference and indeed extended a warm welcome as a former ATMS President.
Building upon what happens in nature, an ancient and current African worldview, and Bronfenbrenner's work, AAMT suggests that African American boys and men exist in a symbiotic and bidirectional relationship with other beings, matter, concepts, and phenomena.
(47.) See American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT), MTs: Partners in Medical Communication, Understanding the Profession of Medical Transcription, http://www.aamt.org/scriptcontent/raprprtnr.cfm?section =professional (hereinafter Understanding the Profession) (last visited Nov.
When I became AAMT's executive director in 1984, I had been its education director for two years, prior to which I had been a medical transcriptionist, a middle manager in education and health care, and a university professor.
Thanks also to Judy Anderson, the then President of AAMT for asking me to come on board as an editor.
The Australian Mathematics Teachers Association (AAMT) is working in partnership with Teaching Australia to lead and manage this project.
Claudia Tessier, CAE, executive director of the American Association for Medical Transcription, Modesto, California, refutes that scenario, but she acknowledges that voice technology will significantly alter the working environment for the members of AAMT.
It is best practice for teachers to plan quality learning experiences for their students that encompass the opportunities and facilitation of learning that technology can provide (AAMT, 2014; AMTE, 2006).
Chris Wetherell presented Colour by numbers, an entertaining and well received keynote address at the AAMT Capital Maths conference held in July 2017 in Canberra.
Within Australia, we have an Australian IMMC Advisory Group, including personal from AAMT, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER), Australian Catholic Univeristy (ACU), Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (AMSI), the Australian Mathematics Trust (AMT), CSIRO, Somerville House, the University of Melbourne, and the University of Queensland.
In keeping with our policy to work with our colleagues, the following information is offered to assist AAMT with their 6th National Conference.