AAMUAlabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
AAMUAlpe Adria Motorcycle Union (Italy)
AAMUArmy Advanced Marksmanship Unit
AAMUAmbient Air Monitoring Unit
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AAMU was geographically situated amongst a wide variety of higher education activity at two-year and four-year institutions; therefore, a program preparing individuals to work in two-year and four-year college or university contexts was needed.
AAMU, Alabama A&M University; ACOM, Alabama College of
Ab initio calculations were completed at the HF and MP2 levels using 6-31G * and 6-311G ** basis sets for AFMU and AAMU.
DI: What are the challenges facing AAMU, specifically, and HBCUs, in general?
eIAs a specialized ammunitions company with diverse offerings, AAMU autonomously develops industry-leading technologies that are uniquely distributed nationwide.
APEX core partners, led by AAMU, comprise the University of Alabama (UA), Drake State Technical College (DSTC), the American Association of Physics Teachers/Physics Teaching Resource Agents (AAPT/PTRA), and Huntsville City School system.
This work was supported by the NASA EPSCoR grant (NNX 07AL52A), NSF CISM grant through Boston University, NS F REU program at AAMU, and AAMU Title III programs and by also the National Natural Science Foundation of China (G40890161).
AAMU personnel were among more than 1,870 exhibitors, and 43,000 attendees at the show.
Upon learning about Blues power, including an enterprise class survey tool, AAMU quickly realized that Blue could significantly improve the Universitys ability to collect and analyze IE data,comments James T.
Judge Institution Malinda Westbrook AAMU Melinda Gilmore AAMU Padmaja Guggilla AAMU Ruby Jewel AAMU Jim Bradley Auburn Roger Birkhead Auburn Roland Dute Auburn Chelsea Ward AUM Bhu Dev Sharma Clark Atlanta Janie Gregg UWA Stephen Chew Samford Andy Lampkins Samford Betsy Dobbins Samford Elizabeth Dobbins Samford Anne Boettcher South Alabama Charlyn Partridge South Alabama David Forbes South Alabama David Nelson South Alabama Elizabeth VandeWaa South Alabama Ellen Buckner South Alabama Howard Whitston South Alabama Justin Sanders South Alabama Larry Christensen South Alabama Loretta Jones South Alabama Paul Helminger South Alabama Ron Balczon South Alabama Sinead M.
This work was supported by the NASA EPSCoR grant (NNX-07AL52A), NSF CISM and MRI grants, AAMU Title III program, and National Natural Science Foundation of China (G40890161).
AAMU will add new offerings of 44-40 and 38-40 calibers.