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AANAAmerican Association of Nurse Anesthetists
AANAArthroscopy Association of North America
AANAAustralian Association of National Advertisers (lobby group)
AANAAlaska Nurses Association
AANAAlumni Association of North America
AANAAssam Association of North America
AANAArkansas Association of Nurse Anesthetists
AANAAdvance Account Number Authorization
AANAApartment Association of North Alabama (Madison, AL)
AANAAmerican Association of National Advertisers
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Founded in 1931, the AANA represents 42,000 CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists, or more than 90 percent of the nation's nurse anesthesia professionals.
In 1951, the AANA appointed specialists in adult education as accrediting advisers.
About IISc AANA: Established in 2006 as a 501c (3) charitable organization in California, IISc AANA is the umbrella organization bringing IISc alumni across North America to give back to the alumni/ae, the Institute, to India and to the community they live in.
For more information about the AANA annual meeting, visit www.
We are pleased to be conducting training in advance of the AANA annual meeting.
In addition to Falluja and Ramadi, Anbar's main cities are Haditha, Hit, Aana and Rutba.
Tasto presented the study at the AANA meeting and among his conclusions reported that multiple basic science studies performed over the last 7 years support the concept and mechanism of TOPAZ.
Along with the conference and exhibition, the AANA has made sure the event won't be all work and no play.
David Gleason, CRNA at Duke University Medical Center, and Coordinator of the AANA Upper Extremity Nerve Block workshop in Denver was impressed with the simplicity of the device.
The AANA named four new directors to its board as it strives to bring marketing professionals into its executive ranks.