AANACAstigmatism and Amblyopia Among Native American Children (study)
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Under Carter's direction, AANAC assessed staffing data from the OSCAR (Online Survey, Certification and Reporting) reports in 2012.
The reason I started AANAC was the power of the discussion group," says Diane Carter, executive director.
The AANAC discussion group averages 30 to 40 messages per day with a membership of between 500 and 600 people.
The key to the whole thing is to know who is answering your questions or making comments," says Rena Shephard, an independent health care consultant and president of AANAC.
This confusion was one of the topics discussed at the May 2013 AANAC annual conference.
At the recent AANAC conference, the CMS representative noted that errors occur with this item when a skin area that has MASD is incorrectly coded as a pressure ulcer.
At the AANAC conference, attendees received a preview of this change.
With thanks to Rena Shephard, MHA, RN, FACDONA, AANAC Chair, and President of RRS Healthcare Consulting Services, San Diego.
The resource and network for 13,000+ long-term care (LTC) nurses and healthcare professionals, AANAC is the leading authority on resident assessment and the Minimum Data Set (MDS).
In a recent AANAC online poll question, we asked our members whether they used a centralized or decentralized MDS department structure.