AANCAmerican Nurses Credentialing Center
AANCAuctioneers Association of North Carolina
AANCAsociación Argentina de Neurocirugía
AANCAging Aircraft NDI (Non-Destructive Inspection) Center
AANCArtists Association of Northern Colorado (est. 1955; Fort Collins, CO)
AANCAsian-American National Committee (Dorchester, MA)
AANCAugusta Area Newcomers Club
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Vice President of Government Affairs, TAA; Ken Szymanski, Executive Director, AANC.
AANC members and apartment industry friends who gathered facts and argued against the proposal included Chad Hagler, a developer with Woodfield Investments; Chancy Watts, an architect with Watts-Leaf Architects; Kevin Cox, an architect/developer with Charter Properties; Chuck Travis, an architect with The Housing Studio; Kimberly Paarlberg of the International Building Code; Ron Nickson of the National Multi Housing Council, and AANC Executive Director Ken Szymanski.
Adding up the savings: AANC helped save the state's apartment industry $24 million annually, based on an estimated 20 apartment communities constructed yearly at a cost of $60,000 per building (or $2,000 to $3,000 per apartment home) for an elevator, $1,000 to $2,000 to install consequential additional elevators, as well as architectural and engineering design fees, maintenance, insurance, utilities and construction of Fair Housing "Accessibility Type B" units on all floors--for a total construction and operating cost of $6,000 per unit, or $1.
2 AANC was instrumental in getting a more apartment-friendly version of a bill (SB 368) passed in the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011 that mandated pool fencing requirements.
3 AANC lobbied to moderate the requirements of a lithium smoke alarm battery bill that initially would have required a complete change-out of existing smoke alarms in apartment homes with the 10-year lithium battery alarm.
4 AANC was in the forefront of three critical aspects to North Carolina's landlord-tenant law that demonstrate even more examples of the financial impact of legislative successes.
Adding up the savings: AANC conservatively estimates an annual industry savings of $3.
6 AANC was instrumental in bringing about state legislation that allows hot water capture/cold water allocation submetering in pre-1989 apartment communities in 2011.
As of mid-February, AANC was in discussions with the North Carolina Justice Center to formulate a proposal that would balance its desire for minimum housing standards and AANC's desire for a degree of reasonableness in determining how far inspections should reach.
A recent AANC survey of 11 of North Carolina's most populous cities showed that eight provided solid waste collection services for single-family dwellings while multifamily housing, which also pays ad valorem property taxes, was to pay additional fees for the same service.
AANC is working to draft bill language that would close the loophole that municipalities are exploiting.