AANEAsperger's Association of New England (Watertown, MA)
AANEAmerican Association of Nurse Executives
AANEAqueous Areca Nut Extract
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The prospect of higher volatility in 2018 warrants a focus on diversification, Aanes says.
Greg Aanes, owner of Greg Aanes Furniture, said manufacturing chairs is about 95 percent of what the company does and the move will eventually allow him to expand in additional designs and types of furniture.
Frankly, it was wearing on me that we did not have the capability for new designs or to expand into other furniture lines," Aanes said.
Aanes said he moved the chair manufacturing side of his business to the Queen Street location in early 2008 and just recently moved over his office and showroom.
This was a planned relocation and a planned design so that the shop is all one system, as opposed to the old location where everything just grew organically," Aanes said.
Aanes admitted that now seems like a bad time to do an expansion, but his plans were already under way in August 2007--right before he noticed the beginnings of the recession.
Aanes said he is also excited about Western Solar moving into his old location.
Aanes wasn't the first athlete to blame tainted American dietary supplements for a positive drug test.
In his electric Escort, converted back in the early 1990s, Aanes has i8 deep-cycle marine batteries that pump out 108 volts and power everything from the motor to the radio.
The Escort is slow to accelerate up even the slightest hills and struggles to reach 50 miles per hour by the time Aanes has to merge with traffic on the freeway.
Both Pankow and Aanes recognize that today's electric cars can't solve everyone's driving needs.
The last thing we need oil for is moving people around in 2,000-pound vehicles," Aanes said, adding that electric cars are already a viable mode of transportation.