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AANIAlumni Association of the National Institute (Nigeria)
AANIAssociation for Annapurna Neurological Institute (est. 1994)
AANIAnimal Advocacy Network of Indiana (e-mail network)
AANIAdvertising Agency Network International (Lincoln, NE)
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He said that he came to Lahore for three days on the invitation of Humayun Saeed to attend the premiere show of Jawani Phir Nahi Aani.
Jawani Phir Nahi Aani is a fun-filled story about four friends who share something in common, boredom in their lives.
On November 4, a week after Muir "discovered" Glacier Bay, he and his companions paddled to Jilkaat aani and changed the course of history.
Certain statements regarding AgFeed Industries and/or AANI set forth in this press release, including those regarding the completion of the transaction, contain forward-looking information and speak only as of the date of such statement.
Dozens of villages were affected and the roads linking Aani valley to Shawad, Luhri, Sainj have been blocked.
Malayalam has three forms of the copula, aaNi, alla ([sup.
Dashing Saracens winger Dan Luger attempts to break through the tackles of Harlequins duo, David Wilson and Aani FugaPicture/ ALLSPORT
Its subsidiary Haa Aani LCC continues to look for business opportunities in the region that directly benefit shareholders.
La troupe [beaucoup moins que] Anadil El Djazair [beaucoup plus grand que] de Cheraga a interprete une Nouba Mezmoum, Inklab [beaucoup moins que] Ya ghayet el maksoud [beaucoup plus grand que], B'taihi [beaucoup moins que] Bakir ila chadinin wa ka'ssin [beaucoup plus grand que], Derdj [beaucoup moins que] khadam li saadi [beaucoup plus grand que], Insiraf [beaucoup moins que] Koum yassir lana al kitaane [beaucoup plus grand que], Khlass [beaucoup moins que] Tarahalou aani wa saro [beaucoup plus grand que].
yeh jaan to aani jaani hai is jaan ki to koi baat nahin .
On Thursday, Rasika Joshi and Milind Pathak directed White Lily Aani Night Rider ( Marathi), a black comedy about relationships ( nominated in the Best Actor Female and Best Original Script categories) takes place at SRC at 5 pm.