AANNTAmerican Association of Nephrology Nurses and Technicians
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By the time I became President of AANNT in 1978, I had come up through the ranks as a chapter founder and President (1973-75), national Nominations Committee Chairperson (1975-76), Western Region Vice-President (1976-77), and President-Elect 1977-78.
That was the beginning of a 20-year odyssey in nephrology nursing, including one year as President of AANNT in 1982.
Memory 2: Relating to ANNA/AANNT, I found in the back of the file cabinet in the dialysis room an application for AANNT.
1975-76 AANNT helped sponsor the first summer camp for kids
1977-78 AANNT receives accreditation form the ANA as a provider and
1978 AANNT first represented at EDTNA; EDTNA first represented at
1978 marked the first year that the President of AANNT attended the European Dialysis and Transplant Nurses Association Annual Meeting in an official reciprocal capacity.
I was appointed as official AANNT representative to become a part of the Dialysis Subcommittee of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).
At our National Meeting at the Diplomat Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, the ANNA banner went up and AANNT banner came down.
I hesitate to single out any particular individuals, but some of these persons whom I have not already mentioned seem to spring to mind: Mary O'Neill, Betty Preston, Donna Swanson, Donna Mapes, Marie Pugh, Chuck Newhouse, Lois Bernbeck, Lo Binkley, and Helen Feigenbaum all helped to guide AANNT to a broader mission.
I believe that AANNT provided an extraordinary stimulus to this development, as well as the forum for socialization of many of us into significant careers in nephrology nursing.
AANNT sponsored several seminars-at-sea, which I am told, were unusually successful for certain opportunities for transcultural education