AANRAmerican Association for Nude Recreation (Kissimmee, FL)
AANRAdopt-a-Natural Resource (New York)
AANRAmerican Association of Newspaper Representatives
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In the effort to heighten its recourse, the DOST-PCAARRD Innovation and Technology Center (DPITC) was established to serve as a one-stop hub for technology owners and generators, investors, end-users and other stakeholders to facilitate the commercialization of technologies generated in the AANR sector.
PCAARRD has started the Conservation Farming Village showcasing technologies for sloping areas; Science and Technology Agenda making S&T a tool to achieve AANR growth; and S&T Agenda on Climate Change sustaining productivity and competitiveness amid changing weather patterns.
Of the 92% of AANR members reporting that they take a number of precautions, 87% utilize sun blocks and lotions; 43% put on widebrimmed hats, baseball caps, and/or visors; and 19% limit the amount of time they spend sunbathing.
According to AANR East President and White Tail Park owner Robert Roche, a federal court's ruling yesterday would place an undue burden on too many parents who had planned to send their children for a week of wholesome, well supervised instruction and activities.