AANRAmerican Association for Nude Recreation (Kissimmee, FL)
AANRAdopt-a-Natural Resource (New York)
AANRAmerican Association of Newspaper Representatives
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These data are deemed important to maximize funds for research initiatives in the AANR sectors.
As PCAARRD celebrates its 7th anniversary on June 22, 2011, it commits itself to a sustained dynamic leadership in the pursuit of excellence in AANR innovations so that science and technology, with its seemingly boundless frontiers, will truly be a blessing to our people.
The AANR, North America's oldest and largest nudist association, has seen its membership rise by 75 per cent in the last decade, to about 50,000.
PCAARRD has been instrumental in catalyzing the AANR sectors toward self-sufficiency and global competitiveness, guided by its slogan, "Providing science solutions for a vibrant agriculture and sustainable environment." The sectors are divided into five groups: Inland aquatic resources, marine resources, livestock, crops, and forestry.
PCAARRD has started the Conservation Farming Village showcasing technologies for sloping areas; Science and Technology Agenda making S&T a tool to achieve AANR growth; and S&T Agenda on Climate Change sustaining productivity and competitiveness amid changing weather patterns.
Though this does not sound like much, it is when you take into consideration that with 330 million people in the USA, the American Association of Nude Recreation (AANR) conventions attract around 700 people, and the Australian Naturist Federation (ANF) Conventions have attracted approximately 70 people in recent years.
The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), Kissimmee, Fla., reminds snowbirds, winter sports enthusiasts, and residents of the Sunbelt to be mindful of potential sun damage year-round.
"Even in the fall and winter, our skin, particularly that on our face and hands, is exposed to the sun almost daily," cautions AANR president Leonite Moore.
Kinman is president of the Western Region of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR, pronounced ``ann-er''), an organization with 50,000 individual members and 220 member clubs in the United States and Canada.
Most of the Kinmans' travels have involved visits to nudist resorts, and his service as an AANR officer has added new opportunities.