AANZFTAASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement
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Under the proposed DOO pilot, origin certification under AANZFTA can be provided by either the DOO or the existing certificate of origin (COO), it was disclosed at a recent workshop in Pasig City.
We encourage businesses to take advantage of tariff reductions under the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), including supply chain synergies with neighbouring countries.
AANZFTA has created a free trade area among the twelve economies of Australia, New Zealand and the ten ASEAN members amounting to more than 600 million people with a combined GDP of US$2.7 trillion.
(35) See, eg, Singapore--Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed 17 February 2003, 2257 UNTS 103 (entered into force 28 July 2003) ch 10 ('SAFTA'); Australia-United States Free Trade Agreement, signed 18 May 2004, [2005] ATS l (entered into force 1 January 2005) ch 12 ('AUSFTA'); Thailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement, signed 5 July 2004, [2005] ATS 2 (entered into force 1 January 2005) art 807 ('TAFTA'); Australia--Chile Free Trade Agreement, signed 30 July 2008, [2009] ATS 6 (entered into force 6 March 2009) ch 11 ('ACFTA'); Agreement Establishing the ASEAN--Australia--New Zealand Free Trade Area, signed 27 February 2009, [2010] ATS 1 (entered into force 1 January 2010) ch 8 Annex on Telecommunications ('AANZFTA').
Between 2001 and 2009, ASEAN accordingly began concluding RTAs with China (the China-ASEAN FTA), Korea (the Korea-ASEAN FTA), Japan (Japan-ASEAN), India (AIFTA), and with Australia and New Zealand (AANZFTA).
Despite the free-trade agreement with Australia under the Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), where 96.8 percent of our merchandise exports enjoy zero tariff when exported to Australia, the Philippines has yet to maximize trade with Australia with the relatively small amount of Philippine exports to Australia-$439 million exports versus Philippine imports of $1.69 billion.
According to Banal, local exporters can leverage on the Asean-Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA), of which the Philippines is a signatory.
The ASEAN--Australia--New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) underpins the trade relationship, making it easier for New Zealand and ASEAN exporters to do business.
The agreement, known as AANZFTA for short, covers goods, services, investment, intellectual property, telecommunications, electronic commerce, competition and economic cooperation.