AAODAustralian Age of Dinosaurs (est. 2002)
AAODAerosol Absorption Optical Depth
AAODAmerican Association of Distributors, Inc.
AAODArmy Air Operations Directorate (White Sands Missile Range, NM)
AAODArmy Aviation Operating Detachment
AAODAnterior Atlanto-Odontoid Distance (spine)
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The AOD group had an average exam score of 20.75 and a standard deviation of 5.00, while the AAOD group obtained an average of 22.91 with a standard deviation of 4.33.
The environment (i.e., AOD or AAOD) also has influence on the person and the behavior.
The findings of this research reveal that the undergraduate business students appeared to favor AAOD over AOD for improving their confidence (self-efficacy).
t AOD 79 20.75 5.00 2.91 * AAOD 79 22.91 4.33 * p = .002
AAODs may have also assisted in reducing information overload because of the ease of interface and increased enjoyment from using a Web 2.0 technology.
A total of 86 students participated, 42 used AAODs and 44 used AODs.
We sought to see whether AAODs can be more effective at increasing the effort and engagement of the students than AODs.
H1: Students using AAODs will have a higher overall participation rate than students using AODs.
H2: Students using AAODs will have a better engagement than students using AODs.
A total of 86 subjects participated; 42 used AAODs and 44 used AODs (see Table 1).
The treatment group used the AAODs while the control group used AODs.
In both classes (A and B), the participation rates were higher for students using AAODs for all of the discussion items.