AAODAustralian Age of Dinosaurs (est. 2002)
AAODAerosol Absorption Optical Depth
AAODAmerican Association of Distributors, Inc.
AAODArmy Air Operations Directorate (White Sands Missile Range, NM)
AAODArmy Aviation Operating Detachment
AAODAnterior Atlanto-Odontoid Distance (spine)
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There is ample evidence to suggest that more often the AAOD students talked more about confidence (self-efficacy).
The AOD consisted of 79 students and the AAOD group also had 79 students.
00, while the AAOD group obtained an average of 22.
The findings of this research reveal that the undergraduate business students appeared to favor AAOD over AOD for improving their confidence (self-efficacy).
AAODs may have also assisted in reducing information overload because of the ease of interface and increased enjoyment from using a Web 2.
The AAOD group had a total of 409 messages, while the AOD group had a total of 281 messages.
For both classes, the medians were higher for the AAOD group than the AOD group, an indicating that there was more expansive participation within the AAOD groups.
Each AAOD contained several threads, while each AOD typically contained one long thread.
Figure 5 illustrates an example of an influential thread for an AAOD from Class A.
An example of a thread from an AAOD shows that the comments here reflect an increased sense of awareness of posts from others and the students were more responsive to one another.
AAOD is creating a new version of their industry-leading long-term care software to be called Elite.
AAOD will continue to enhance and develop new tools that will ensure quality resident care while administering operations more efficiently through the use of integrated software solutions.